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About Us

SehaCloud is a Heath Informatics consultancy company with focus on transforming the work of Healthcare Providers through providing proper solutions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services.

Together with our clients, we are creating a future where the health care industry works to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. By designing leading-edge health information services, we offer strategies that empower organizations to know, manage and engage their populations.




Why SehaCloud

We're driven by a mission to improve healthcare with an elegant, familiar interface EHR that is web-based and completely Affordable.


Help your practice save money with our affordable subscription model.

Mobile Charting

Chart at the point of care with our elegant, familiar interface.


Access SehaCloud anywhere, on any type of device or operating system.


With SehaCloud, one practice needs only one EHR software partner.

Customizable for Your Specialty

We believe software should adapt to the doctor, not the other way around.

Trusted – Here to Stay

Developed and managed by doctors Designed, supported for Middle East phone

Middle East-Based Customer Service

Dedicated implementation team with Free phone and email support

Increase Revenue

Think of our reporting as "health maintenance" for the financial aspect of your practice.


Here are just some of all the great SehaCloud's testimonials we’ve received from our users.

"I have implemented SehaCloud into my clinic and ABSOLUTELY love it! The transition was easy and the support team at SehaCloud have been very responsive to all our needs. I have encountered NO problems and the transition has been so easy. It has been a joy to find such a service. Thanks so much for making it so simple and easy even for someone like me who is not particularly computer savvy. I have been so happy that I am recommending it to all my colleagues.”

Dr. Raed Awaisheh - Cardiologist

“I couldn’t believe what SehaCloud offered. It was so complete, so simple AND so AFFORDABLE I kept looking for the catch! But SehaCloud seems to be what it says it is… It’s been fantastic…. I don’t know why anyone would use another system once they find SehaCloud. The best part for me is that it’s COMPLETELY, not just partly, compatible with the Tablets…something I’ve found with few other systems. As a solo practitioner who does everything herself, SehaCloud saves me a lot of time.”

Ala' Sukkar - Clinical Dietitian

"I found SehaCloud easily customizable; I love the Web-based application, the remote access, and the ability to use it on my Tablet and check my schedule is. The system is something that works the way that I do, instead of organized by body system; you can also customize it so that we can organize the information by body region. It is a great system, I use it every day, and I love it!"

Dr. Raed Marji - Oncologist